Food and Beverage Development

Food and Beverage Development for Your Restaurant

Whether you're just starting out, looking to expand, or rebranding your restaurant, food and beverage development is a key undertaking in a successful restaurant concept. It can take months and thousands of dollars to get it right. Save yourself time and money by following these tips.


Get to know your audience. Men will typically require more substantial food options than women. Older diners will desire more traditional options than younger ones. Also keep in mind if your neighborhood is looking for quick and inexpensive choices, or if they would rather sit down and treat themselves to a nice meal and celebrate life's accomplishments.


When developing food brand design, consider your restaurant's goals. If you're offering a spot for coworkers to get together and discuss their next big project, a simple menu with drinks and snacks might be more appropriate. However, if you're looking to be your city's number one spot for date night, small entrees and shareable desserts with custom cocktails might be more successful.


Foster creativity and adaptability with your menu. Start with the above and test it out for a short term time span. Gather feedback from diners and staff about their experience. Then, take that to your menu. You may find that one offering didn't connect with the audience or that they are asking for something else. Be willing to get creative and change your menu as needed to accommodate your demographic.


Aware Hospitality offers food and beverage development services to our clients. If you're interested in hearing more, please contact us today! We can discuss your current menu or help you build one for your new restaurant. We thrive on developing new concepts and overhauling underperforming ones. We can't wait to hear from you!