Restaurant Concepts

Best Restaurant Concepts for 2020

There is no shortage of trends in the hospitality industry. In the past few years we've seen healthy options like avocado toast, kale, and meat alternatives reach an all-new high and we don't predict that's going to end any time soon. What's next on the horizon for restaurant concepts? Let's take a look.


People are taking more of an interest in where their food is coming from. No longer are they content to have their food shipped across the ocean from international producers. Instead, locavore options (buying produce from local producers at farmers markets etc.) is more highly desired. Take a look in your local area and see what producers you can work with to provide the ingredients for your restaurant.


Not only do consumers want to know where their food is produced, they also want to see how it's prepared. Open-concept kitchens allow diners to see the chefs at work so they know exactly what additional ingredients and techniques are used to prepare their meal. This makes it easier for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive digestion to enjoy eating out with family and friends without feeling deprived or left out.


Parents are as equally concerned about what their children are eating as they are about their own diets. Healthy kids menus that include whole grain superfoods like quinoa are going to be more heavily desired in the new year. You can also expect to see an emphasis on global cuisine to expand young palettes and introduce them to other types of foods.


If you're looking to enter the restaurant industry in the new year, we'd love to help you see success! Contact Aware Hospitality today to discuss the dining concepts that will perform well in your desired area and get started on making your dream a reality.