Restaurant Identity

How to Develop Your Restaurant Identity

More than ever before, today's diners are looking for a certain atmosphere when they visit a restaurant. A beautiful aesthetic with their meal makes for a great social media post to share with their friends. However, choosing a restaurant identity can be overwhelming. Here are our top tips for building a restaurant brand.


Start by writing a mission statement that defines what you do, who you are, and why you’re doing it. Include your entire staff in the process so everyone feels included and can internalize the final result. You'll need someone to lead the process such as yourself or a manager. Ask for ideas from everyone and find the common thread between them. You'll end up with a passionate statement that the entire team can get behind.


Once you've chosen your restaurant identity, it's important to be consistent across all verticals. From your name and logo, to the menu design, uniforms, and interior aesthetic, make sure each element properly represents and supports your mission statement. If your brand desires to be approachable to a wide variety of diners, include words on the menu that are easily read and understood by the average consumer.


Many restaurant brands will have one voice in the restaurant, another voice in marketing, and yet another voice online. Find your restaurant's voice and maintain it throughout your website, internal communications, and social media channels. This will allow everyone, whether they be staff or customer, to quickly and easily understand who you are no matter how they find you.


If you're looking for help with developing your restaurant identity, Aware Hospitality is here for you! We'd be happy to discuss your business goals and build a brand that feels right for you. Give us a call today!